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August 22, 2019

Brigit Brady

Dennis Kruse has such a remarkable knowledge of the voice. Every lesson has brought major new improvements for my voice through his direct and conceptually understandable teaching style. He uses different perspectives and ideas to get through to you as the singer and for you to personally grow into your own voice; which is rare and refreshing. His tailored teaching approach really supports your own singing journey, which doesn’t mold you into an archetypal sound, but lets you grow to your own findings through his well rounded instruction. This has been so helpful for me to find confidence in my voice, even in my weakest points that have now become my vocal strong suit. His pragmatic teaching style is all encompassing and is always welcoming, making it such an honor to be taught by him.

August 22, 2019

Ryan Brady

I personally had two amazing vocal coaches while on my own vocal road. Deciding finally to search for a true vocal coach (which are hard to find) for my daughter, I was pleasantly surprised that Dennis was still teaching - a testament to his passion of course. Teaching and guiding singers to find their own true natural voices had always been a tenet of his since when I was taught by him and it’s great to see him still valuing that in his teaching. Dennis Kruse is the real deal and anyone who knows me knows I don't say things like that lightly.

August 15, 2019

Joyce Von Feldt

 I want to thank Dennis Kruse for helping me to enjoy singing once again.  After 40 years of allowing bad singing habits to creep in, Dennis helped me to get back on track. 

 I have increased my vocal range, addressed  the movement  of vocal tone from chest to head voice and gained back some breath control. 

 It is fabulous to be able to sing once again without ending up with a sore throat or cringing at the idea of singing a higher note.  

I am so glad to be getting rid  of bad habits and once again singing properly. 

August 8, 2019

Charlie Chittenden

I cannot speak more highly of Dennis and "Evolutions A Voice Studio". I started almost TEN YEARS ago with him in high school and now I'm a professional musical theatre actor in Seattle (planning to move to LA or NY in the near future). There is no way I would have the voice and be the musician I am today without his training. I have yet to meet another vocal coach that uses his same methodology and techniques (truly the of the best, and I have worked with MANY coaches in theatre). He dives deep into support, breathing, performance. If you're serious about singing, meet with him. He gets results. ...also bonus, he is an all around amazing human. Thank you Dennis!

June 30, 2016

Tracey Eaton
I wanted to take a moment to give a sincere thank you to Dennis… I’ve had 2 surgeries on my vocal chords and they are very scarred… My business requires me to do many speaking engagements…  from 10 people to 10,000 people… my voice was constantly going out on me…  I could not continue doing what I was doing.  I then met Dennis…  in the last year he has taught me how to speak properly… How to build good habits that take pressure off my vocal chords… Not only am I back doing speaking engagements but I can actually talk to my wife and kids the next day!!!  Dennis has really changed my life and i so appreciate his knowledge and wisdom!!!

April 2, 2015

Kitt Bradley

I came to Dennis as an untrained middle-aged adult who long ago sang in 5th grade choir as an alto.  Within a few lessons, he found a way to unlock a light opera soprano that had languished unknown for decades.  The sound that comes out of me now sometimes makes me stop and peer around to see who else is singing—that lush voice couldn’t possibly be me!  In addition, his friendly but professional demeanor and willingness to take you ‘as you are’ on any given day has made it easy for this intimidated non-singer to find her voice.  My ability to breathe, relax, and let beauty flow out of me amazes me, and the process has been very enjoyable.  I can recommend him for anyone from utter beginner to seasoned performer, as I’ve watched his advanced students improve and evolve.  Also, the Woodinville studio is so airy, light, and lovely that it makes it a pleasure to come do my lesson.  (I commute from Renton, and am glad to do so.) Take a chance and find your voice, with the best instructor and cheering section you could hope to find.

March 5, 2015
Jacob Bernado

I studied with Dennis for two years and he helped me to unlock the full potential of my voice. Under his instruction, I found success in competitions such as the NATs Competition (1st place 2013,) Eastshore Region Solo & Ensemble (1st alternate to state 2013 & 2014,) and state Solo & Ensemble (received superior scores 2014). In addition, Dennis helped me gain entrance into multiple university music programs, from some of which I was offered scholarship money for music. In my continued singing, I constantly return to the skills that Dennis taught me, which have provided me with a strong foundation for college level singing. Dennis is a fantastic teacher - I would not be the singer I am today without him.

March 4, 2015

Gary D. Cannon
"I am a professional classical singer and choral conductor. A few years ago, I felt in need of a check-up to review my knowledge and implementation of basic vocal technique. Dennis has provided this perfectly. My voice feels more relaxed, reliable, and capable thanks to Dennis's efforts. I also observed as he coached my mother (who is very much a beginner), and can attest that he works effectively with singers of all skill levels. Singers around the Seattle area often ask me for recommendations of voice teachers, and Dennis is always at the top of my list. -- Gary D. Cannon"

March 1, 2015
Phyllis Rust
Dennis came recommended to me by someone who sings in the east-side musical community. Having been drawn to music for a long time, I was eager to join a singing group, but knew nothing about voice or how to read music. Through weekly lessons over about a years' time, Dennis helped ready me physically and mentally to become a singer, which has been a fabulous experience.
His teaching style is gentle, direct and cerebral. I highly recommend him.

February 27, 2015

Amber Zielinski
My 13 yr old daughter says that she recommends Dennis as a voice teacher because she felt much more confident and saw immediate improvements during the very first lesson. After months of focusing on her breathing technique, she landed her dream role in her school musical. Many have remarked what huge improvements she's made in very little time. Dennis gives his students the tools needed to be a strong singer in any context. I highly recommend him.

February 27, 2015

Moira Gunsul
My son, Corey Fujimoto, was coached by Dennis for over 10 years. Dennis developed a shy teenager (15) who wouldn't sing out into a strong first tenor soloist, with an extensive range, who sings with poise and joy. Dennis also, by example, helped that young fellow develop into a responsible adult. I will forever be grateful for Dennis's coaching. My son would still be working with Dennis, but Corey decided that he needed to concentrate on his university (responsible!) I cannot recommend Dennis highly enough.

February 26, 2015

Paul Gee

I had not sang in 30 years and cannot thank "coach Dennis" enough. The training, techniques and tricks to help me gain some confidence have been amazing. Cannot imagine a better mentor, coach or teacher!

June 2010
Dennis is an experienced and effective instructor. His technique is excellent, and he is both fluent and flexible in his teaching. He has taught both my sons, one of whom is now a vocal performance major at USC's Thornton School of Music. Both boys have successfully competed at State Solo and Ensemble, and at the National Association of Teachers of Singing adjudication (NATS). Dennis organizes regular recitals for his students, providing an opportunity to learn performance as well as vocal technique. He also records the recitals and provides CDs of the performances. He routinely provides accompaniment tracks to his students, and can record audition CDs in his studio. He has three convenient studio locations, and is always gracious about accommodating his students' schedules. While I feel he is especially good at teaching young men the fundamentals of good vocal production, he has both male and female students of all ages, all of whom benefit from his skill and experience.

July 30, 2007  

      To Whom It May Concern:   This is a letter of recommendation for singing teacher Dennis Kruse.  
I have sung professionally and as a hobby for over forty years.  Before meeting Mr. Kruse I had two extended periods of training with other teachers.   I am convinced the success I have had under Dennis’ tutelage is remarkable, particularly considering my age and previous experience.  Vocal training is, by necessity, a mentoring process.  As I have discovered, close attention to anatomical details and personal attitudes is inescapable.  Mr. Kruse has the almost uncanny ability to identify problems and opportunities to maximize the benefits of his lessons.
      Before I began with Dennis, I had recently finished several years of training